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Investment & Capital Placement Advisory Services

At Balboa Financial, we manage our days by the seconds—not by the hours or by the minutes—so that we may continue to exceed the expectations of our clients. We understand the diminishing marginal utility resulting from perfection in package preparation. However, we also understand the critical importance of presenting the highest quality of due diligence in order to maximize proceeds and/or minimize interest rates.

Leases & Rent Roll

We review all major leases to identify potential concerns such as: Prop 13 tax protection, lease termination provisions, lack or calculation of management fee pass-throughs, etc. Extensive due diligence is performed prior to obtaining any quotes, so to avoid changes in loan structure after signing of the application. We then model the income, including all rent increases taking place within 60-90 days of closing, to maximize cash flow.

Operating Statements

We perform a year-over-year comparison of every expensed line item, to identify non-recurring expenses, or those that are related to capital or tenant improvements.

Market Due Diligence

In addition to analyzing information provided by the client, we take the time to analyze what’s driving the market and we also call leasing signs to determine if market rents are above or below the contract rents at the respective property. We have long-established relationships with appraisers and real estate brokers who have access to the most current sales comparable information, which supports our desktop valuation of a specific project.



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